Welcome To Texas Probate System Online

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

How To Use This System Research materials, information about the online System, and how it works.

The Texas Probate System Online Welcome Tour video Watch our welcome tour video to help find your way around the System and learn how to use the features to aid your work.

View Notes for the New 2022 Updates The Texas Probate System 2022 updates include material to reflect 2021 legislation. View the link for more details.

Emergency Orders Affecting the Texas Probate System The Texas Supreme Court has issued a number of temporary emergency orders in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, some of which are relevant to TexasBarBooks practice manuals. Please visit the link to see which orders apply.

Use The Probate Pathfinder The Probate Pathfinder wizard helps determine which procedure to use for your estate with a series of Yes/No questions.

The Probate Workbook View our Probate Workbook Quick Tutorial An essential System document that integrates the Checkplan, the Master Information List, the Significant Dates List, and a full set of Worksheets into one Excel workbook. The Workbook auto populates client data into other corresponding fields when entered. Recommended one download per estate.